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Harnessing the power of magnetism comes the new Aurora™ Series modular practice pads from OffWorld Percussion.  

Every Aurora™ Series pad is equipped with OffWorld’s unique Magnetosphere Core.  This feature gives each pad in the series its own personal gravitational field, allowing varying items the ability to quickly connect for multiple playing modes:

  • UAV mode (nothing connected) lends each pad a clear musical tone, especially in the center 4 inches, the perfect feedback to let you know when you are dead-on.
  • Solar Flare mode (shaker inserted) adds a nice “snare” crunch to each stroke and narrows the variance between center and edge playing.  The shaker has both acrylic and wood faces, allowing for two unique tones.  With the acrylic face down it gives the most crispy feedback.  If you need a bit less, flip it over with the wood face down for a more muted crunch.  if you need a great shaker at your next gig, pop out the module for that great “shooshy” sound!
  • Coupled mode (Docking Module inserted) boosts the articulation greatly and increases the tonal variance from edge to center.  This mode also produces a very present and focused sound, perfect for group rehearsals. The module allows for connection to any 8mm threaded cymbal stand (smaller inserts available) for a quick-docking stable platform for your Aurora™ Series practice pad.  A quick TWIST unlocks the gravitational hold and lets you take your pad with you while the Docking Module awaits your return.   The Docking Module also has a neoprene bottom, so that if you like the tone it produces but don’t want to mount it, leave it inserted and it will sit nicely on any flat surface.
The first product available in this series is: The Visitor™

Along with the standard Aurora™ Series features, the Visitor™ is equipped with an 8 inch DarkMatter™ playing surface, gold finished birch construction and silver rivet accents.  For those looking for something a bit less forward, the Visitor™ is also available with the “Red Dwarf” rubber playing surface, which produces a softer, quieter tone with a bit less variance edge to center. 

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