OffWorld Products

The Aurora Series

We introduced our Aurora Series with the Visitor in 2018 – a modular pad that makes for the most versatile, adaptable pad around. The cymbal mount even eliminates the need for a snare stand! Learn More

The Aurora™ Series harnesses the power of magnetism allowing varying items the ability to quickly connect for multiple playing modes. Now we are introducing the next step in modular evolution:  


the Darkside™


and the BYOSphere™





The Invader™ V3 Series

Invaders™ are the largest and sturdiest of all our products and are the flagship on which OffWorld Percussion was launched. 

Designed to be the perfect analog to a marching snare, they are the first choice of educators and players alike.

All the Invaders are 13.75″ inches in diameter, sport a robust, patented rim, and are also available with VML surfacing.

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The Outlander™ Series


Outlanders™ were designed to suit those players and students looking for the same great feel of our unique DarkMatter™ surface, but in a smaller, more portable, and affordable product. 

The Outlander™ Series consists of both 11.5″ inch and 9.5″ inch models, featuring a low profile, bright red rimmed edge, and is also available with VML surfacing.

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The Mothership™



A tenor (sextet, actually) pad like no other! Weighing in at about 14 lbs, the Mothership™ is engineered to fold in half for ease in transport, and is the most portable product of its kind on the market.

OffWorld’s signature Darkmatter™ surfacing fills the cutaway design offering an articulate range of tonal differences between sections.

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The Scout™ Series

Soon to be discontinued.

Only a few remaining! Designed with the touring drummer in mind, the Scout™ is versatile and compact. It is 7 1/2″ in diameter, with a 5 3/8″ playing surface, and only weighs 3 lbs.

This pad sports two playing surfaces – DarkMatter™ on one side, and natural rubber on the other. It can be strapped to your knee, set on a table top, or spun onto an 8mm cymbal stand – all in one super portable unit.


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  Skinz™ Series & Product Accessories

Our Skinz™ (VML) allow you to alter both the sound and feel of your existing DarkMatter™ pad.They come in a variety of size and color options.

We also offer exclusive OffWorld™ apparel, and accessories for our products (Aurora Series modules, knee mounts, pipe band and marching band harness brackets etc) through our Web Store.

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